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Our research community


Professor Kathy A. Mills
Institute for Learning Science & Teacher Education,
Australian Catholic University

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Lesley Friend
Institute for Learning Science & Teacher Education,
Australian Catholic University

Project partners

Queensland Gallery
of Modern Art

Terry Dean, Head of Learning at the QAGOMA
Understanding production design in the Marvel Cinematic Universe exhibition
Manipulating 2D images on iPads
Interacting with digital representations of art

Images used with permission Copyright QAGOMA

At the Queensland Gallery Of Modern Art we are mapping the unfolding research story about children’s interaction with sensory displays to push the disciplinary boundaries of research of the senses to enable children’s multimodal and digital literacy learning.

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Museum of Art

Mike Deetsch, Director of Education and Engagement
Sara Daniels, Studio Programs Manager
Using coding during an art and Minecraft class
Discussing contemporary art works in the museum
Embedding the Makey Makey program in a mixed media class

Images used with permission Copyright TMA

At the Toledo Museum of Art (USA), world-recognised for state-of-the-art multisensory programs for children and adults, we are developing pedagogical solutions with applicability for different policy contexts and education systems.

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Big Picture

Mark Williams, President, at Big Picture Industries
Sarah Gibson, secretary at Big Picture Industries
Capturing movement in image
Creating images that are dynamic
Manipulating images for visual effects

Images used with permission Copyright Big Picture Industries

At Big Picture Industries we are working together to broaden visual imagery programs to include virtual reality platforms with sound, movement, touch, and smell.

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Academic team

Professor Theo van Leeuwen

Professor of Language and Communication
University of Southern Denmark

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Professor James Gee

Centre for the Art and Science of Teaching
Arizona State University, USA

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Professor David Howes

Director of the Centre for Sensory Studies
Concordia University, Canada

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