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2023 Update: Sensory Orchestration VR And AR Fieldwork – Days 1 And 2

2023 update: Sensory Orchestration VR and AR Fieldwork – Days 1 and 2

As we start back into the new school year, we have been doing some exciting work with a local South East Queensland high school exploring students’ use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and its role in multimodality literacy.

Our research fieldwork has been part of the school’s incursion program, and students have been involved with the Titans of Space VR exploration activity, and a few AR apps, including AR Makr. The students involved in these activities are aged from 11-14 years, across grades 6-9.

Students were immersed in the Titans of Space adventure as they journeyed through our Solar System. Some snapshots of these adventures can be seen below.

In partnership with Mark Williamson of Big Picture Industries Inc. students explored photography using DSLR cameras and iPads.

Examples of student photos from Day 2 of the photography workshop.

The AR Makr app provided a complementary activity for stories written in class, whereby students could create a multimodal composition based on a scene from their stories. Images taken on the iPads were uploaded to the AR Makr app and students could then narrate the scene via the app, tapping into various senses and layers of storytelling.

A student uses the iPad to photograph various textures and elements of nearby parkland.

Our fieldwork continues next week, and we will have some more updates to share soon.