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Book And Podcast: ‘Literacy For Digital Futures: Mind, Body, Text’

Book and podcast: ‘Literacy for Digital Futures: Mind, Body, Text’

In an era characterised by unprecedented global transformations, rapid technological advancements, and significant societal shifts, there is a need for a fresh perspective on literacy. This recent book publication, ‘Literacy for Digital Futures: Mind, Body, Text’ by Kathy Mills, Len Unsworth and Laura Scholes, presents a detailed framework that redefines our understanding of literacy in a world where knowledge is inherently contextual, embodied, multimodal, and digitally influenced.

‘Literacy for Digital Futures: Mind, Body, Text’

To find out more about this publication, authors Professor Kathy Mills, Professor Len Unsworth and A/Professor Laura Scholes discuss ‘Literacy for Digital Futures: Mind, Body, Text’ in this this episode of the Teachers’ Education Review podcast.

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As Professor Mills notes in the podcast, “I think literacy has many different definitions, but one that has increasingly intrigued me in the 21st century is the way in which print based literacies are no longer the only way that we communicate. So conventionally, we’ve thought of literacy as kind of like the three Rs Reading, Writing arithmetic, perhaps. But nowadays, we’re seeing that technologies are connected with literacy practices in a really fundamentally different way. So that when we interact with texts, whether they be digitally or in print, they’re changing all the time. And if students don’t have access to the knowledge of those digital platforms, their literacy practices are affected in a really significant way”.

No longer can literacy be confined to conventional curricula and static written formats.

Mills, Unsworth, and Scholes’ work encourages both teachers and researchers to reconsider the dynamic nature of textual materiality and its implications for the human mind and body. By taking an interdisciplinary perspective, they explore the emerging challenges posed by evolving digital literacy practices. Importantly, the book offers helpful insights and recommendations for enhancing educational and professional practices in this burgeoning landscape.

Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash

‘Literacy for Digital Futures: Mind, Body, Text’ is structured around three key themes: “Mind and Materiality,” “Body and Senses,” and “Texts and Digital Semiotics.” These themes serve as guideposts to help readers reshape and renew their perception of literacy. ‘Literacy for Digital Futures’ is available in print and also as a free open access and downloadable publication, making it accessible for teachers, researchers and other interested readers.


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